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The explosive track “Ballers Club” from hip hop’s Gabby Gabanna is proof that the energy one puts into something is the energy the recipient receives. Fast and invigorating, “Ballers Club” showcases the North Carolinian’s fierceness and subtle vulnerabilities. When it’s all said and done, the beat and rhythm found in “Ballers Club” is epically modern, but at its core, this track is an anthem for a female artist staking her claim. Proving she’s just not just another voice, just another rapper that can spin a few words, “Ballers Club” draws a hard line in the sand that Gabanna is on her way to the top.

Like going from zero to 100 miles-per-hour in seconds, “Ballers Club” is locked and loaded out of the gate. Gabanna’s penchant for melodic beats and hooks that feel both island-like and city-driven, melt together like a fine cognac. This is one quick ticket to ride – a rush of a million neutrons hitting all at once. The vibe is a constant reminder that Gabanna is in charge – she’s enforcing the rules and the architect of her own feelings. I felt like this song is her mantra, her way of going out at night and it’s her making the first move. Not the guy. Somewhere in those juice beats, the dropping beat of the song, Gabanna is deliciously defiant in her approach.

Gabanna, who according to her press materials, notes that Kitana from Mortal Kombat is her spirit animal. I think Gabanna’s spirit that also shines through in “Ballers Club” is this idea of toughness, both mentally and physically. I think she’s been shorthanded or even underappreciated and is a fighter. The smoothness of the song’s music bed is intermixed with a dazzling, and never-jarring beat barrage. I loved the freshness of the tones and the way it shakes you to your core (in a good way of course!). Her voice is airy and melodic, but it’s also regal and stylish. In certain moments she reminds me of Kelis and in other instances, she’s like Nicki Minaj. Gabanna has that tough layer, that sheen that’s been dented by society a few times. Still, I think there’s something very warm brewing within her voice that makes you want to root for her. You feel her strength and her essence.

I found myself transported to a club or a late Friday night escapade. This song has the makings of being that ‘go-to’ party song. I think it’s more than that. Don’t get me wrong, my shoulders and hips were grooving to this one, but Gabanna seems to share to the world that she’s worthy of being at the top and living the life she wants. She’s going to fight for it, and not let anyone deny her talents. That’s what I got from “Ballers Club” – and yes, there are many sexual overtones in this song, but again, I think there’s different stories happening in this track. Gabanna owns her sexuality and she’s a confident artist ready to take on the world – and we’re ready for her.

Garth Thomas

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