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Gabby Gabanna Debuts Video For ‘Baller’s Club (Do It)’

With four mixtapes and a feature from DaBaby since launching her career as an independent artist in 2017, Gabby Gabanna (aka Gabby Dinero) has accomplished a lot for a young woman in her early ‘20s. She’s also lived an extraordinary life riddled with adversity throughout her most formative years. Growing up the daughter of a drug addict in Charlotte, North Carolina, Gabby was raised by her aunt who taught her the ways of the streets and how to hustle to get what she needed. Motivated by her older brother who rapped, Gabby also started writing rhymes of her own at the age of 11. When Gabby was 15 years old, her aunt and only caretaker died, forcing Gabby to fend for herself and do whatever she could to get by. Cornered by life’s unfortunate circumstances, Gabby put more energy into honing her craft as a rapper.

On the heels of kicking off her official partnership and nationwide tour with Quality Control Music‘s Mr. Too Official, Charlotte, North Carolina’s next superstar Gabby Gabanna shares the official music video for her new single “Baller’s Club (Do It)”. Debuted via her official YouTube page on Wednesday (3/2/2022), the video’s vibrant and psychedelic color schemes complement Gabby’s fervid rap delivery and the track’s high-energy production, encouraging rapid-fire twerking and rainmaking.

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