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Gabby Gabanna Drops New Single

Gabby Gabanna cuts to the chase in the brilliant hip-hop track, “Ballers Club”. Brash and undeniably ripped with inescapable beats, “Ballers Club” is the perfect cure to mainstream music.

This song is frightfully good and Gabanna proves her authenticity with her flow style. She’s quick, but not so fast that you can’t chill in her sunshine for a spell or two. Influenced by the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina and Albemarle (also North Carolina), Gabanna is quick to point out that her spirit person is Kitana from Mortal Kombat. The fictional character’s primary weapon is steel fans – and in the case of Gabanna, her primary weapon is her rap style. “Ballers Club” is straight-up fire.

Like Kitana, Gabanna possesses a timelessness. The beat in “Ballers Club” features a tinny percussion, but it also includes a nod to vintage East Coast music beds. Gabanna’s voice stays in line, keeping the tempo moving quickly. The spitfire attack is bold and lacking any arrogance. It’s all in good fun and I think Gabanna’s command of the song is the icing on the cake. Gabanna, who has opened on stage for Black Yungsta, Key Glock, Kevin Gates and a slew of others, also notes in her press materials that she was raised by her aunt.

Her mother had a drug addiction. As a listener, I gleaned immediately that the voice behind the microphone had a heightened sense of self-worth and street smarts, if you will. Gabanna doesn’t come across as being scared of anything in “Ballers Club”. If anything, she’s not the one reaching for the stars, it’s other people trying to live up to her standards and her confidence. I like the way “Ballers Club” makes you feel like the world is yours for the taking. I think she wants that same feeling for her audience.

No one is going to just give it to you, you have to earn it or go and grab it, Gabanna seems to infer. Mad respect for Gabanna and “Ballers Club” might be her first nationally-known track. I’m confident (there’s that word again! She’s contagious!) it won’t be her last. Artists like Gabanna don’t come around the bend every day and she has the legs to keep this training moving up, up and up. The blizzard-style of rap never goes out of style, and frankly even she would put this rap style in vogue. Gabanna is magnetic and I couldn’t quite stop hitting repeat to hear how she spun certain words, and in her case, repeated them frequently.

The track has a stellar beat, wild percussion and a kick-back rhythm. Gabanna blows her competition away and by the sound of things, she’s been prepping for this moment in the spotlight her entire life. All that hard work, all that living life to the fullest and her way is paying off. “Ballers Club” is a guaranteed show stopper. Even if you’re not from North Carolina or grew up at the school of hard knocks – there’s something we can all relate to in the uber hit “Ballers Club”.

Jodi Marxbury

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