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Hip Hop Artist Gabby Gabanna to Be Back With Her Album "Return of the Gabb"

The Brilliant and versatile artist Nybrea Montague pka Gabby Gabanna who was born on July 7, 1998 in Charlotte, NC, spent most of her childhood on Beattie’s Ford Rd and Statesville Avenue.

One of her most recent songs, "Baller's Club", is a testament to the power that a person puts into something. Quick and refreshing, the "Baller's Club" shows the North Carolinian rage and subtle danger. Once again proving that she is not just another rapper who can spell a few words, "Baller's Club" draws a sloid line in the sand taking Gabanna on the way up. It is a fast and invigorating girl power anthem, perfectly illustrating the North Carolina-based rapper's fierceness and vulnerabilities. The trach, which gives the not to her all-out efforts to make a name for herself, highlights her confidence and adamant refusal to bow down to expectations and conventions.

Gabby is more determined than ever and ready to become Charlotte's next professional rap artist. Her full length album,: Return of the Gabb" will be released in the third quarter of 2022.

Intimately privy to the seemingly never-ending string of problems that life has to offer, Gabby Gabanna is an artist grounded in the realities shared by those who wish to chase their dreams - a characteristic that is evident in some of her songs. However, while she is quick to talk about experiences involving adversities through her creative work as a hip-hop artist, she also doesn't shy away from keeping it light and creating bangers that could serve as the perfect companion to Friday nights and weekend getaways.

The incredible artist, who recently attended the Grammys with Odic Records executive Mark Kelley, is looking forward to cementing her position in the music scene in the years to come.

With the help of Mark Kelley and Odic Records, the 23 year old with many features was able to take full control of her career, leading to the release of her album. As Gabby puts it, the album represents everything in her life; every heartache, toil, even a happy moment in her immortal life in a song for everyone to associate with.

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